PickleNation…. preserving tradition


The last blog I wrote was about 8 years ago – http://weipadventure.blogspot.co.uk/. Back when blogging was a new phenomenon, before Julie and Julia, my friend Tamar and I kept in touch with friends and family back in Melbourne via this blog of our experiences during our final OT placement, which took place in Weipa, FNQ, Australia. It was our outlet, our commentary and our glass of chardy at the end of the day.

What brings me back? A few weeks ago I was in Jerusalem, catching up with a friend and I got talking about how I did a make-your-own-pickles workshop back in January (shout out to JCC-London) and how I have another workshop coming up at this year’s GefilteFest (shout out loud). Him being a bit of a film buff, I asked for some help with ideas to bulk out my session, with all things pickle related. It was his suggestion to start a pickle blog. For people to post and share their pickle moments.

So the question begs to be asked – why pickles? Last year I spent my summer in NYC learning Yiddish in the YIVO Uriel-Weinrach Zumer Program. One of my classmates was a Detroit-based pickler, Blair Nosan (http://suddenlysauer.com/) who shared her skills in a hilariously enjoyable workshop (all in Yiddish). Since then I have been making my own pickles, in NYC, Melbourne and now in London. Yesterday I made Jalepeno Saurkraut and I have a jar of lemons preserving away… I guess I just enjoy it.

I’m not sure how it happened that now I am a pickle person. I’m not sure of the function of this blog. But something I will share comes from Sandor Katz’s ‘The Art of Fermentation’. Whilst my Saurkraut ferments away, let’s recite the Kraut Prayer by Eli Brown;

Myriad beings beneath my sight, thank you for your transformations. May you nourish me as I nourish you. May you thrive in me as I thrive on the earth. In  all the worlds may nourishment follow hunger as the echo follows the call.

One thought on “PickleNation…. preserving tradition

  1. It is fantastic that you are back online. Can you please do a poll re the popularity of pickled baby eggplants?

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